We offer robust and reliable glass cutting systems for your business. We have the advanced industrial technologies and flexibility to create a unique equipment that will fit your specific needs. See our customer’s cases about how GFP adds utility and sustainability to their production.

Vertical glass seaming machine

L-shaped vertical glass seaming machine

L-shaped automatic vertical glass seaming machine

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glass cutting system

Laminated glass cutting system

Composed of TCB glass handling & loading table and GTL laminated glass cutting machine

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Double glass cutting line for float and laminated glass

Glass cutting double line with automatic stock

The glass cutting double system is composed of GTS 600C, TFR600, TCB 700 and GTL 4030

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automatic glass grinding machine

Automatic glass grinding machine & loading table

Grinding equipment composed of automatic glass grinding machine SF260 and glass sheet loading table GCF 19-30

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glass cutting equipment

Glass cutting equipment

Glass cutting line composed of glass loading and handling tilting table GC 300 and laminated glass cutting machine GTL 3230

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small glass cutting machine

CNC glass cutting machine

Small size glass cutting machine GTS 100 for shaped & straight cutting

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vertical glass grinding machine

Automatic vertical glass grinding machine

The SFV runs dry with simultaneous glass dust aspiration.

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Line for cutting laminated glass

L-shaped laminated glass cutting line

Composed of TCB glass sheet loading table with conveyor belts, GTL 4530 and GTL 2620 tables for cutting of laminated glass

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Glass edging machine combined with glass cutting line

Composed of automatic glass edging machine SF 260 and laminated glass cutting table GTL 3230

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