Glass cutting double line with automatic stock

Double glass cutting line for float and laminated glass with  sheet stock and automatic loader

 The glass cutting double system is composed of:

  • Glass shaped & straight CNC cutting table GTS 600 C
  • Glass handling & breaking table TFR 600
  • Automatic Laminated glass cutting table GTL 4030
  • Glass sheet loading table with transport belts TCB 700

GTS 600 C

  • Effective cutting size   6000 x 3210 mm
  • Processing glass thickness 2 ÷ 19 mm
  • Numeric control of 3 interpolated axes

  • GFP advanced interface including  advanced optimizer for laminated glass cutting

  • Laser-scanner for automatic detection of the pre-cut shapes; electronic sheet alignment and measurement

  • 5 Motorized belts for glass sheet transportation

  • Table lifting by hydraulic system with anti-fall safety valves

TFR 600

  • The TFR 600, non-tilting table, offers robust and reliable solution for breaking of float glass sheet
  • 5 breakout bars longitudinal and transverse interposed between the measuring cursors and controlled by pedals
  • The power air cushion, provides glass sheet floating and its precise positioning on the table
  • The TFR 600 fitted up with a pneumatically controlled group of loading tilting arms
  • Safety devices comply with EC Directive

GTL 4030

  • Effective cut 4050 x 3300 mm

  • 4 automatic measuring cursors

  • Processing glass thickness 2/2-0,38 up to 10/10-0,76 (float from 4 to 12 mm)

  • Axes controlled by drives and brushless engines

  • Superfast IR lamp for rapid heating of PVB with two filament
  • Blade unit for thick PVB cutting
  • Sheet alignment tool for diagonal cuttings
  • Automatic retractable measuring clips with fast positioning

TCB 700

  • Machine dimensions 7150 x 3500 mm

  • Table top lifting by hydraulic cylinders with integrated anti fall safety valve
  • Group of motorized belts for glass sheet transport at variable speed controlled by inverter
  • Powerful air cushion with immediate stop of air flow when blowers off to ease sheet positioning
  • Sheet detachment device activated in vertical position that allows to grab a sheet by tongs, during  both loading and rotation of laminated glass sheet
  • Automatically retractable roller device for sheet loading


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