Glass cutting equipment

Laminated glass cutting equipment :

  • Glass loading and handling tilting table – GC300
  • Laminated glass cutting table with unloading arms – GTL 3230

Glass sheets are loaded on CG tilting table, then operator moves them to the GTL cutting table. After cutting, operator unloads sheets by GTL table unloading arms.

GTL 3230

  • Effective cut 3250 x 3300 mm
  • 4 automatic measuring cursors

  • Processing glass thickness 2/2-0,38 up to 10/10-0,76 (float from 4 to 12 mm)
  • The last generation PLC control

  • Axes controlled by drives and brushless engines
  • Superfast IR lamp for rapid heating of PVB with two filaments

  • Blade unit for thick PVB cutting
  • Sheet alignment tool for diagonal cuts
  • Automatic retractable measuring clips with fast positioning

GC 300

  • Dimensions 4300 x 2850 mm
  • Table top is composed of chipboard panels with water repellent treatment (marine type) padded with a calibrated thickness synthetic carpet
  • Table top lifting is carried out by hydraulic cylinders with integrated anti fall safety device
  • Powerful air cushion to ease glass sheet positioning with immediate air flow stop when blowers off
  • Sheet detachment device activated in vertical position that allows to grab a sheet by tongs, during both loading and rotation of laminated glass sheet
  • Automatically retractable roller device for sheet loading
  • Safety devices comply with EC Directive


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