L-shaped vertical glass seaming machine

Automatic vertical glass seaming machine


The automatic vertical glass seaming machine is installed in existing production line. The L-shaped SFV 2500 is a perfect solution for the limited spaces.

The SFV2500 provides contemporaneous grinding of  glass arrises. It takes 15 seconds to seam 1 m2 of glass panel.

The processing runs dry with simultaneous glass dust aspiration by a powerful aspiration-depuration system.

Glass edging by the SFV2500 guarantees float glass tempering.

SFV 2500

  • The vertical seaming machine is easy installable in existed double glass production line

  • Input and output boards; 3 vertical mobile grinding units; 1 central fixed grinding unit; 8 seaming tools

  • Max operating dimension H 2500 mm
  • Operating thickness from 4 to 22 mm

  • Operating speed from 5 to 25 m/min

  • Time of grinding of  1m 15 sec

  • Numeric control operates 6 axes of motion
  • Powerful aspiration-depuration system for processing dust
  • Lamellar type grinding wheels are specific for glass

  • Processing runs dry that allows to postpone immediate glass washing

  • Float glass tempering guarantee

  • Control panel with touch screen to operate working cycles

  • Safety devices comply with EC Directory


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