Float glass cutting machines

GFP provides an extensive range of float glass cutting machines and systems. We strive for to meet productive needs of every our customer. Shaped and straight cutting machines for float glass offer completely automatic short processing time, with high-quality accurate cut. So the GTS and GTR series are perfect solutions for high performance production. While the manual GTM series is an ideal solution for small glass works. Our customers recognize the GTM as extremely robust, reliable and easy to use machine.


  • GFP float glass cutting machines allow to cut an ample range of glass types . Such as low-E, frosted, satin, acid etched glasses, safety mirrors, vinyl.

  • Laminated glass double-face cutting is available.

  • You will get high-quality accurate cuts thanks to GFP’s interface and state of the art electronics.

  • GFP float glass cutting machines are notable thanks to their extraordinary resistance, reliability and elegance.