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GTR series

Automatic glass cutting table

The GTR is a completely automatic CNC machine built for straight cutting of float glass. It lets to cut laminated glass as well. 

Reliable and easy to use, elegant, robust automatic glass cutting  table is a perfect solution to meet industrial needs.


  • The GTR lets cutting float glass, Low-E glass, frosted, acid and etched glass, safety mirrors. As well as double-side cutting of laminated glass
  • The key feature of the GTR automatic glass cutting table is an accurate high-quality cut for wide range of thicknesses
  • Several versions of user interface are available. From the basic optimizer included to the advanced optimizer version for the most demanding needs such as production management
  • Glass sheets resting on mechanical precision stops, normally do not need cropping
  • Automatically retractable sheet loading system
  • Proportional valve allows cutting pressure automatic adjustment controlled by PC
  • Full management of the cutting cycle provides wide range of glass processing. That means various customizations including processing pressures, speeds, times stored in the special recipes dedicated to each type of glass


Straight cutting of float and laminated glassyesyesyesyes
Safety mirror cutting by a special toolyesyesyesyes
Proportional valve for cutting pressure automatic adjustment yesyesyesyes
Automatic lubrication during cutting with special vaporable oil suitable for all kinds of glass (Low-E, etched, acid glass ect)yesyesyesyes
Low-E glass coating edge grinder allows simultaneously automatic low-E coating edge deletion while cuttingnooptionaloptionaloptional
Mechanical double zero system by precision clips for laminated glass specular cutting noyesyesyes
Table top lifting by means of hydraulic cylinders with integrated anti-fall safety valveyesyesyesyes
Sheet detachment device activated in vertical position. It allows to grab a sheet by tongs during loading and rotation of laminated glass sheetnoyesyesyes
Powerful air cushion with immediate stop of air flow to ease glass handling and correct sheet positioning when blowers offyesyesyesyes
Breakout barsoptionalyesyesyes
Easily accessible main electrical panel well placed inside the machineyesyesyesyes
Small footprint control console can be positioned on operator’s choiceyesyesyesyes
GFP’s advanced software including basic optimizer. You can control cut optimizations of sheets in a stock managed by softwareyesyesyesyes
Advanced optimizer for laminated glass cutting optionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Remote Internet assistance yesyesyesyes
Safety devices in conformity with EC Directive yesyesyesyes

GTR series technical specifications

Tecnical dataUnitGTR 110GTR 210 GTR 210 PLUSGTR 610
Machine dimensionsmm3620×23204300X32004700X32004700×3200
Operating heightmm900÷ 980900÷ 980900÷ 980930÷ 980
Processing sheet max dimensionsmm2250×16503300X26003700X26006000X3210
Processing glass thicknessmm2 ÷ 192 ÷ 192 ÷ 192 ÷ 19
Cutting accuracymm± 0,25± 0,25± 0,25± 0,25
Max cutting speedm/min90909090
Break-out barspcs2335
Installed powerkW66610
TensionV / Hz400 / 50400 / 50400 / 50400 / 50
Pneumatic pressurebar7777
Hydraulic pressure bar100100100100