Why using glass arrissing machines

  • The glass arrissing machines facilitating glass handling, make operators work safer.

  • Seamed glass allows safety glass transportation, protection and easy installation of glass intended for double-pane windows and showcases.
  • Float glass tempering guarantee.

  • Usage of grinded glass panel allows to protect the rubber bags of E.V.A. laminating ovens against cuts.

  • Seamed glass assures preserving rollers and brushes of a double-pane windows line from wear.


  • Designed for all types of glass including Low-E.

  • Require no specific maintenance.

  • The arrissing machines are completely automatic, so no adjustments regarding to glass sheet thickness are required.

  • After seaming, no need to wash immediately glass sheets and they can be placed in a stock.
  • Meets safety regulations INAIL(National Insurance Institute of Occupational Accidents).