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SF series

Automatic horizontal glass edge grinding machine

The SF is a unique solution for seaming edges of a cut glass before removing it from the cutting table. So it lets avoiding double handling.

The SF  lets easy and fast rough glass seaming of both arrises simultaneously.

The glass edge grinding machine can be easily combined with any cutting machine or loading table.

Combining a high quality processing and reduced investment, the SF offers a wise solution for small business.

The SF 260 provides dry glass edge processing with simultaneous glass dust aspiration by 3 stage filtering system.


  • The SF meets safety regulations INAIL(National Insurance Institute of Occupational Accidents). Moreover it complies with threshold limits ACGIH(American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) 2011
  • The SF glass edge grinding machine  requires no specific maintenance
  • Low-E friendly
  • Can be combined with any existing cutting table
  • Thanks to small footprint, it can be placed in reduced spaces
  • Combined with a specific loading table of our production, it creates a dedicated seaming island
  • No adjustments required due to automatic detecting glass thickness and length
  • After seaming, no need to wash immediately glass sheets and they can be placed in a stock


Automatic machine does not require any adjustments of the glass thickness yesyes
Seaming machine can be combined with any glass cutting machineyesyes
Both machine ends are opened that gives a possibility to seam retaking a sheet. So processing length can exceed 2600 mmyesyes
Seaming machine is adapted to any type of glass, particularly to Low E glass yesyes
Simultaneous grinding of upper and lower arrisesyesyes
A series of stops for sheet positioning yesyes
Seaming carriage movement on bearing slide guide yesyes
Seaming carriage features two spindles with independent enginesyesyes
Lamellar type grinding wheels are specific for glassyesyes
Dry processing with total automatic aspiration of glass dust yesyes
Glass detecting sensors verify the glass presence to consent the processing yesyes
Pushbutton and / or pedal start the grinding cycleyesyes
Right version on customer choice yesyes
Left version on customer choiceyesyes
Electric panel with touch screen for settings and control diagnostic yesyes
Safety devices comply with EC Directoryyesyes

SF series technical specifications

Technical dataUnitSF 215SF 260
Machine dimensionsmm765 x 3380 x H 1365765 x 3830 x H 1365
Working heightmm880 ÷ 980880 ÷ 980
Processing sheet length in one passagemm21502600
Processing glass thickness mm4 ÷ 194 ÷ 19
Seaming speed m/min2020
Grinding wheelspcs22
Installed powerkW33
TensionV / Hz400 / 50400 / 50
Pneumatic pressurebar77