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GTC series

Glass breaking machine

GTC series is reliable solution for loading / unloading, handling and breakout of the float or laminated glass sheets.

Usually, GTC series is combined with float glass cutting machines to create cutting lines.


  • Special longitudinal and transverse breakout bars nested in the table top provide glass sheet breaking
  • A hydraulic unit with anti fall safety valve allow the table top lifting
  • GTC series fitted up with an automatically retractable robust device for sheet loading
  • Powerful air cushion with instant air flow stop when blowers are off . So it provides perfect glass sheet floating and positioning on the table
  • In case you combine GTC glass breaking machine with a laminated glass cutting table, mechanical precision stops for sheet alignment are presented


Hydraulic cylinders with integrated anti fall safety device allow table top lifting yesyesyes
Powerful air cushion with immediate stop of air flow provides easy glass handling and correct sheet positioningyesyesyes
Breakout barsyesyesyes
Sheet detachment device is activated in vertical position. So it allows to grab a sheet by tongs, during both loading and rotation of laminated glass sheetyesyesyes
Automatically retractable supports for sheet loadingyesyesyes
Safety devices comply with EC Directive yesyesyes

GTC series technical specifications

Tecnical dataUnitGTС 200GTС 300 GTС 600
Machine dimensionsmm3650 x 27004300 x 28506700 x 3450
Operating heightmm930÷ 980930÷ 980930÷ 980
Processing glass thicknessmm2 ÷ 192 ÷ 192 ÷ 19
Breakout barspcs335
Installed powerkW336
Pneumatic pressurebar777
Hydraulic pressure bar100100100