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Why FG 205?

Using aluminium profile punching machine

  • Operating time significantly reduced!

In comparison with a regular hole run by drill and following bushing assembly, the working time is 10 times reduced.

  • No processing dust at all!

    Perfect drilling particularly of the “hot” profiles without any processing dust like chips or burrs. Usually a traditional drill bit causes a considerable amount of shavings also inside the same profile. Then an operator has to remove them with consequent considerable waste of time.


  • Easy solution for aluminium profile punching
  • Aluminium profile punching machine lets to drill 5 mm diameter hole simultaneously on profile both sides
  • As a result you get a perfect perforated hole without any processing dust (chips or burrs) ready for bushing of gas insertion
  • At the output, there is a mechanical device designed for correct and quick bushing insertion into the hole just ran
  • Varying the channel width, no lateral adjustment is necessary, as far as during the introduction. A self-centering device provides to put a drilling profile perfectly aligned
  • The operation is pneumatic and requires no maintenance


Tecnical dataUnitFG 205
Machine dimensionsmm400 x 200 x 270
Processing profiles height (*)mm6,5 ÷ 8
Processing profiles widthmm9 ÷ 28
Hole standard diameter (**)mm5
Standard distance from the profile end to the hole (**)mm32
Pneumatic pressurebar5

(*) Considering the variability of the profiles on the market,  we ask you to send us information about them to evaluate a feasibility  before purchase FG205.

(**) Before purchase FG205, we can customize the diameter and the distance on your request and agree it with you.